The value system: its nature and main foundations


  • Prof. Dr. Ibtisam Mohammed Abid



The value system is one of the basic pillars on which societies are built، and it is a factor intertwined with all aspects of human life. In every aspect of the activities of the individuals of any society، there must be fundamentally moral social controls، without which the most important ties of invisible societies، which are organized outside the framework، break down. The law، without violating it، constitutes in turn a deterrent and prevents members of society from committing anything that disrupts the order of their public life، and directs their daily actions in a way that allows them to achieve their interests، provided that they do not prejudice the interests of others. They differ in their foundations from one country to another and from one society to another according to methods of acquiring them، and their determinants according to the common culture. So، according to the factors influencing their social inculcation، there can be found multiple patterns of values.

Keywords: values، values patterns، determinants، values importance.



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