Challenges of Taliban’s control of power in Afghanistan in 2021


  • Asst. Inst. Hiba Ali Hussein Jassim jassim



Emerging from the phase of war and negotiations to rule the state, Taliban movement appears to be in a real dilemma, especially with the doubts about changing its policies and the contradiction between it and what is happening in real life. The motives for change are also considered inevitable for Taliban movement as a result of the transformations in its regional and international environment and the experience it has gained over a course of twenty years, in addition to the presence of a new generation of young people who were born after the fall of the movement and grew up in the midst of a different and more open system. Despite the flexibility shown by the movement in its statements, reality does not match it, which puts Taliban movement to face several internal and external challenges, which it must overcome in order to gain international recognition, be rehabilitated, and emerge from isolation.




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jassim, A. I. H. A. H. J. (2023). Challenges of Taliban’s control of power in Afghanistan in 2021. Hammurabi Journal for Studies, 12(48), 261–280.