The strategic importance of the Malacca Strait and its impact on the US-Chinese competition


  • Marwa Uday Musa
  • Dr Donia Jawad Mutlaq



The Strait of Malacca is one of the waterways of strategic, political, and economic importance. This strait has an increasing importance to its neighboring countries. The Strait of Malacca is very important for China, especially in the field of energy supply security, as the vast majority of energy supplies come to China through this strait. China seeks to ensure its security, especially in light of the cooperation of countries that look forward to this strait as well as the United States, and what the United States may cause to China, as many of them are at war with China over the China Sea, not to mention the countries that overlook it. The importance of the research emerges from the basic idea that the strategic importance of the Strait of Malacca has become a source of controversy in relations between the United States and China. Therefore, the study examines the danger that could emerge from the complexity of the dispute between the two parties due to interference in the Strait of Malacca from both sides, and the extent of its impact on political and economic relations due to the connection of most countries in the world to the American and Chinese economies.

Keywords: China, the United States of America, Strait of Malacca, strategy, straits



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Marwa Uday Musa , M. U. M., & Dr Donia Jawad Mutlaq, D. . D. J. M. (2024). The strategic importance of the Malacca Strait and its impact on the US-Chinese competition. Hammurabi Journal for Studies, 13(49), 145–174.